Film programme Life After: 3rd screening Better Half

16.10 18:30

Cinema Sõprus

Sara Cwynar. Still from film „Rose Gold“, 2017.

Screening Better Half is curated by Ingel Vaikla. These six diverse films address topics such as objectification, contemporary love, motherhood, and the female gaze, and take us on a visual journey through the representation of women in contemporary society.

The screening is the third of three chapters in the Tallinn Photomonth film program, where we invite the audience to have a visual conversation between two curators and 19 filmmakers.

Following the screening, there will be a moderated discussion between the audience and with the participation of artist and filmmaker Marge Monko. The discussion will be moderated by Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger.

Free entry


Screening Better Half
16.10.2019, 18:30
Curator: Ingel Vaikla
Moderator: Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger

Stephanie Beroes, Recital, 1978, 20’
Doplgenger Collective, Comrade Women, 2018, 6’
An van Dinderen, Lili, 2015, 12’
Sara Cwynar, Rose Gold, 2017, 8’
Marge Monko, Dear D, 2015, 8’
Beatrice Gibson, I hope I’m Loud When I’m Dead, 2018, 20’

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