Professional Week finissage at EKKM

29.09 13:00

Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM)

Visitors at EKKM. Photo: Helen Melesk.

On September 29 the team of Tallinn Photomonth biennial invites both visiting art professionals and biennial’s Estonian partners for a cozy Sunday gathering which will mark the last day of the Professional Week. 

The finissage consists of a brunch and an exhibition tour at When You Say We Belong To The Light We Belong To The Thunder, the opening exhibition of the biennial, curated by Heidi Ballet. 

The starting point for the exhibition is the question of how psychological reactions to climate chaos are influencing real-life politics. The display proposes an imaginary study of the notions of “owning” and “belonging” in relation to soil. 

The tour is led by the curatorial team of Tallinn Photomonth and researcher Tanel Rander participating in the exhibition. 

After the tour everyone is asked to join in for a brunch at the museum café served by Vegan Restaurant V. The vegan food inspired by the sea is especially set for the occasion. 

Tanel Rander (b. 1980, lives and works in Tartu, Estonia) is an artist, curator and writer. His interests range from experimental practices with language and psychology to critical research on de-colonial options and Eastern Europe.

Vegan Restaurant V is the first vegan restaurant in Estonia located in the Old Town of Tallinn (Rataskaevu 12). 

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