Screenings: Sam Smith Lithic Choreographies


Kai Art Centre

Sam Smith, Lithic Choreographies, 2018 (film still).

Kai Art Centre
Peetri 12

“Gotland was first discovered by a man named Tjelvar. At the time, the island was so bewitched that it sank beneath the waves each day and rose again at night. This man was the first to bring fire to the island, and after, it never sank again.” [4] Lithic Choreographies (2018), a film by the Australian artist Sam Smith, which opens with these words, is filmed on the Swedish island of Gotland, over the course of two years, and brings attention to the relationships between people, rocks and minerals.

Sam Smith (b. 1980, Sydney, Australia) is an artist and filmmaker currently living and working in the UK. He connects cinema, geology and architecture within film, video installation and performance work, aiming to re-imagine our modes of engagement with and contributions to material environments.

[4] The opening of the Guta Saga: The Tales of the Gutes.

Screenings in the auditorium of Kai Art Center take from twice a day from Tuesday to Sunday – when the sun passes the zenith and at sunset.

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