Performance: Nele Suisalu Allow yourself


Kai Art Centre

AffectSpace as part of the residenceSEA programme, in collaboration with Maarja Tõnisson. Photo: Antje Larsen. Courtesy of the artist.

Kai Art Centre
Peetri 12

On five occasions at sunsets, which over the course of the exhibition shifts from 7.05 pm in September to 3.41 pm in November, Nele Suisalu generates a healing spacetime at Kai through the use of movement and sound. Suisalu is an artist with a background in contemporary dance, blending creativity and healing, through the use of voicework and a somatic approach to the body. She considers healing as the process of recovering wholeness within an individual – wholeness, which is perceived as inner, mental and emotional coherence, and expressed as conscious action. 

The performance takes place on the following dates: 28.09, 12.10, 26.10, 09.11, 01.12.

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