Lifeblood Film Club 2#: II screening for Mercury

28.09 16:00

Tallinn Art Hall

Tallinn Art Hall
Vabaduse väljak 8

The Mercury exhibition at the Tallinn Art Hall will be accompanied by a series of screenings by Lifeblood Film Club, produced by Simon Dybbroe Møller and Post Brothers, which will present moving images from various authors including Stan Brakhage, Kate Craig, Barbara Hammer, Laure Prouvoust, Jørgen Leth and others. 

At the heart of our self-image lies the assumption that man is more than an animal and something else than a machine. One such machine is a camera. We reflect ourselves through the camera, identify, confront ourselves, objectify and weigh each other through it. The camera is an automatic machine that embodies human anatomy.

The film club took place for the first time in Christian Andersen gallery in Copenhagen. For the second time at KuKu Club in Tallinn, we bring in films from artists who have used photographic machines to view themselves, other people, or people in general.

We believe that the camera is also a choreographic machine. We believe that it is more than a substitute, a relief; that Jaques Brel really turns to the camera when he looks at his lens and sings “Ne me quitte pas.”


The event will be held in English, admission free. 


James Williamson, The Big Swallow, 1901, 1’08’’
Laure Prouvost, Swallow, 2013, 9’
Ctrl Shift Face, Bill Hader channels Tom Cruise, 2019, 3’13’’Peggy Ahwesh, The Third Body, 2007, 9’ Laure Cottin Stefanelli, Double you Double you, 2019, 18’ Stan Brakhage, The Act of Seeing With One’s Own Eyes, 1971, 32’

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