International group show curated by Hanna Laura Kaljo explores the connections of creativity and receptivity

Sam Smith, Lithic Choreographies, 2018 (film still).

On 20 September the Tallinn Photomonth contemporary art biennial opens its third international group exhibition, entitled “Let the field of your attention…. soften and spread out,” at the Kai Art Center. With this exhibition, the Kai Art Center will open its doors to the public for the very first time.

The exhibition, curated by Hanna Laura Kaljo brings together eight international artists and puts the emphasis on the connection of creativity and receptivity – receptivity to our bodies as well as to our surroundings.

‘The curatorial process of imagining the first exhibition at Kai and this historically layered, formerly closed off coastal part of Tallinn, has been guided by methods of listening and intuitive perceiving. I have remained vulnerable to a story that cannot be accessed directly. It has been challenging and rewarding to see how might we evoke an atmosphere of openness to depth and dormancy. The lull of the Baltic Sea just outside the art centre and the changing light make each hour at the exhibition different, creating a subtle environment for a project focusing on attention and experience. I feel excited to share the practices of artists who have not been shown in Estonia before, whilst also collaborating with young local practitioners’, says curator Hanna Laura Kaljo.

The practices of the artists featured in the exhibition span visual art, moving meditation, deep listening, writing, textile, and traditional medicinal knowledge. The gradually unfolding curatorial choreography is informed by the seasonal transition towards darkness and dormancy inherent to late autumn and early winter in Estonia. It brings attention to different registers of visibility, as we gather through small private moments and those more public.

Curator: Hanna Laura Kaljo

Artists: Marie Kølbæk Iversen, Sandra Kosorotova, Pia Lindman, Andrea Magnani, Elin Már Øyen Vister, Carlos Monleon Gendall, Sam Smith, Nele Suisalu

Exhibition design: Tõnu Narro


The press preview of the Kai Art Center and the exhibition takes place on 19 September at 3pm. Register your attendance at

The exhibition opens on 20 September right after the performance of the artist Raphaele Shirley at sundown, 7.28pm. Shirley will create an ephemeral outdoor sculpture as a temporary landmark for Kai, visible from land, sea and air.

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‘Let the field of your attention…. soften and spread out’
Kai Art Center
Peetri 12, Tallinn
21 September to 1 December, 2019
Tue–Sun at noon – 9pm
Ticket information: 6 / 3 € / The ticket of the Kai Art Center grants access to the inaugural exhibition twice

On 20 September, a new international art centre, the Kai Art Center, will open its doors in a former submarine construction complex at Port Noblessner. The building, constructed more than a century ago and now under heritage protection, includes an exhibition space, a 100-seat auditorium, a co-working space for art institutions, and from October 2019, an international residency programme.

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Sponsors: British Council, Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Danish Arts Foundation, Enterprise Estonia, Embassy of Spain in Estonia, Estonian Folk Culture Centre, Estonian Folk Culture Centre, Estonian Ministry of Culture, European Regional Development Fund, Finnish Institute in Estonia, Nordic Culture Point, Office for Contemporary Art Norway, Põhjala Brewery, Royal Norwegian Embassy, Tallinn Culture Department, TelepART, Viru Keskus.