Tallinn Photomonth cross-exhibition public programme

Workshop “Journey on the rainbow” at Tallinn Art Hall. Photo: Johan Henrik Pajupuu.

During its last two weeks Tallinn Photomonth offers a cross-exhibition public programme spanning between the biennial’s main exhibitions. The curators of the main exhibitions were asked to propose an event for one other of the biennial’s main locations. As a result, the programme brings a screening of Els Dietvorst’s film to Kai Art Center, as suggested by Heidi Ballet, a performance by Aditya Mandayam to the café of Contemporary Art Museum, Estonia, put forward by Post Brothers, and a workshop by Estonian Folklore School to Tallinn Art Hall, invited by Hanna Laura Kaljo.

The aim of this exchange is to initiate a dialogue between Tallinn Photomonth’s modules, participants and their interests, emphasising the interconnectedness of the biennial. The public programme manager Kulla Laas says that this kind of approach supports the circulation of the ideas proposed by the exhibitions and hopefully creates new possibilities for interpretation.



Screening: “I Watched the White Dogs of Dawn” by Els Dietvorst
18.10.2019, 18:00
Kai Art Center, auditorium and cinema hall (Peetri 12)
Ticket information: 6 / 3 €

Live: “DRONEPONE” by Ummo Guru (Aditya Mandayam) 
19.10.2019, 19:00
Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM) (Põhja pst. 35)
Free of charge

Workshop: “Journey on the rainbow” by the Estonian Folk Tradition School (Terje Puistaja)
31.10.2019, kell 17:30
Tallinn Art Hall (Vabaduse väljak 8)
Pre-registration required
Ticket information: 6 / 3 €